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Jaipur & Lunare

The EuroStone Jaipur ( Anis, Pepper, Ginger, Vanilla, Thyme, Olive, Jasmin, Juniper ), & Lunare ( Aster, Lunex, Syder ) & Stoneroc finish design of slabs is made to mimic natural materials. The brushed, textured, non-uniform surface, may have fold marks (crease lines), variation of texture, color and tones, all within the same slab. Every slab is different.

These are not faults but rather organic enhancements.

This product must be sold and fabricated with this concept in mind.

Care must be taken to ensure acceptable transition where slabs meet. A mitered square-edge or bullnose edge with 220 finish seem to render the best edge treatments. The special brushed surface finish should not be interfered with and cannot be duplicated in the field. Breaking this finish will make the slab vulnerable to staining thus voiding the warranty. Solvents should absolutely NOT be used to clean this surface.

Mild acidic cleaners are best used as cleaning agents.

After installation, these slabs must be sealed with Eurostone Impregnator sealer. (Please inquire.)

Because every slab is different, customers must view and sign off on these slabs before they are fabricated.

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