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KSTONE is a collection of countertops developed exclusively for the kitchen industry, available in six different shades: KSoul, KWork, KSpace, KArt, Klife and Klove. EuroStone has always paid special attention to the kitchen, because it is the soul of every home, the daily work place and the vital space of the house itself. A kitchen can also be conceived of as a work of art. Thus, EuroStone has created a truly unique and unrepeatable range, in which no two slabs are the same. This collection is made entirely in Italy from highly selected raw materials and is NSF 51 and Greenguard certified. KSoul, KWork, KSpace, KArt, Klife and Klove: six shades that interpret the current trend in kitchen design. All materials available in slabs only. Measuring 305 cm x 140 cm in thickness of 1.3 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm.

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GreenGuard Certificato Greenguard Membro di GBC Italia NSF